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  1. Edwin Bernard says:

    In my opinion, the most important factor to rank high in the search engines is in choosing the right Keyword. Of course, there are other factors too, but this I feel is the most important. 

    Your post goes into great detail on how to use research to deduce the most optimum keyword for the post you are writing. The on-the-money part of your post is the introduction to Jaaxy. When used with Google, you have loads of power to find high-ranking keywords for your post. 

    The proof is in the pudding as they say. I entered your keyword into Google and your post was ranked #1. 

    Case closed! 



    1. Thank you, Edwin, for your comment,

      Yes, jaxxy is a great platform to use. With Google, you can get some very relevant keywords using both together. 

      I am thrilled that you checked out my keyword on Google and that it ranked #1. I have a few rankings in Google now and am getting more y the day.  

      Thanks again