Beginner Affiliate Marketing for Dummies

We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

Learn how to make your first sale with this step-by-step affiliate marketing tutorial!

This is an epic beginner’s guide to affiliate marketing.

A few years ago, I became interested in making money from home via blogging.

It was obvious to sell your own products or advertise, but affiliate marketing was new.

I had no idea about affiliate marketing!

Thus, the title, “Affiliate Marketing for Dummies”.

Getting my first affiliate marketing transaction was an exciting experience for me.

That first $1.30 came from Amazon on November 14th, two and a half months into my blogging career.

How I made my first affiliate sale in 3 months!

I did it!

As an affiliate marketing expert (LOL)!

Due to my lack of experience, I opted to educate myself on the subject.

I had made only from affiliate marketing by the end of February!Coins held in hand

The tricks and tactics I’ll show you in this piece will help you do just that.

Prepare yourself for a lengthy read…

The Affiliate Marketing Definition

Affiliate Marketing Term:

The business compensates for each visitor or customer brought in by an affiliate’s marketing efforts.

But, in layman’s terms, what does it.

Profit from affiliate marketing by promoting items and services to your readers.

You only get paid if your referral results in a subscription or sale.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

You will be given unique links that track each time a customer is sent to the affiliate programme by joining affiliate programmes.

Here are the unique codes:

That people don’t have to buy the goods you recommend is fantastic.

When your readers click on the link you supplied, their devices may save a cookie.

This cookie may last 24 hours, a week, a year, or never.

Buying something when the cookie is active is still feasible.

For example:

As Helen reads your crockpot recipes blog post, she clicks on one of the links.

She looks it up on Amazon and decides it’s not for her.Picture of MacBook Pro

A woman goes on a walk, returns home, and buys a $2,000 MacBook Pro…

What’s more,

You’ll be paid!

If it sells within 24 hours…

Maybe it won’t always be so easy!

But I digress!

One of my favourite ways to generate money with a blog is affiliate marketing.

Simple posts or reviews can continue to provide passive cash for years.

How Much Can Affiliate Marketing Make?

The answer is straightforward…

You’re earning potential is limitless!

Affiliate marketers regularly earn tens of thousands of dollars per month!

As a newbie, I earned over $1,200 a month through affiliate links after only four months of blogging.

But some specialists have impressive results:

• Michelle from Making Sense of Cents makes over $50,000 MONTH in Affiliate Marketing.

She’s so good at it she completed a course on it. Starting off, this course was invaluable!SEO and Amazon Logo

See how Mike from Stupid Simple SEO produces over $95,000 per year using SEO and Amazon.

Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing:

This “affiliate marketing for dummies” tutorial will make your life a lot easier by the time we are done.

Start Affiliate Marketing

On paper, affiliate marketing appears to be a simple process.

• Join the top affiliate marketing programmes

• Add your own links to your blog

And earn money!

Sadly, the reality is far from simple.

To generate money with affiliate marketing, you must follow these procedures strictly.

1. Pick a niche

A successful affiliate marketer targets a specific niche.

The difficulty of monetizing affiliate marketing.

But it’s possible (I am the perfect example of that, as my blog focuses on different niches).

It will also enhance your Google ranking and allow you to build a larger audience faster.

Choosing a speciality requires asking yourself questions like:

• What interests me?

Writing about topics you despise or are unfamiliar with for months or years is not suggested.

Passionate about something?

You undoubtedly know a lot about things and their uses.

This will help you study and write spectacular website content.Spectacular Website Content

The idea is to keep your writing problem-solving.

Helping your readers pays off!

• Will my niche pay off?

Is your niche monetisable?

Making money from your writing is critical.

So if you want to make money (you are reading this! ), pick a successful niche.

And this will sometimes have to trump your zeal.

Health & Fitness – This is a vast sector with ready buyers.

Food & Nutrition Beauty & Fashion Money (making and saving)

With no idea where to go, these niches are great for beginners!

• Is my niche too narrow?

You must first guarantee that your chosen expertise provides you with enough topics.

Pink dog collars may be hard to locate, but dog accessories aren’t!

Whatever sector you choose, be sure to write about products you know!

Most importantly, you must assist your target consumer in earning money with affiliate marketing.

Helping your readers solve a problem must always come first!

You must be sure that your suggestions will be valuable to your clients.


Subscribe to my newsletter for all my blogging news!Blog Image


Create your own website

Second, create your own website!

For those with a website or blog, skip to 3.

So, you’ve got a blog? It’s done!

If not, do some research.

A self-hosted website gives you complete control over the design and content.

Making your website requires a few steps:

1. Choose a domain

Name a domain is just a fancy way of saying web address.

These are my top suggestions for choosing a name:

Check if your domain name is available here:

2. Pick the right platform is the world’s most popular website builder. So I use it for Gathering Dreams.

• A server (using a hosting provider).

Misconfigured websites can’t use all affiliate programmes.

3. Get website hosting.

I utilise Bluehost as my hosting service to keep all your data online.

To choose your bundle, simply click the green Get Started Now button.

4. Set up WordPress

Install WordPress after setting up your hosting.Bluehost Logo under Magnifying Glass

With Bluehost as your hosting provider, your website will be live in minutes.

5. Pick a theme

A WordPress theme will style your website perfectly.

• page layout; colours; font styling; widget placement; navigation menus; etc.

There are numerous free and gorgeous paid themes.

On Gathering Dreams, I utilise Just Pro.

Then check out my detailed guide to starting a blog for additional information!

The Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners:

Choose your speciality to find the best affiliate marketing programmes and promote items.

Your affiliate approach may be made or broken by your choice of programmes.

You can join one of two affiliate programmes:

Affiliate Networks: Affiliate networks unite publishers with affiliate programmes (like Awin).

Joining an affiliate network makes it simple to find and apply for affiliate programmes.

You must apply to each firm independently if they offer their own affiliate programme (like Survey Junkie).

With these high-paying affiliate schemes, you can go from zero to $1,264 in less than 30 days.

  • Awin
  • VigLinkMaxBounty-Logo
  • Max Bounty
  • CJ Affiliates
  • Flex Offer

Some of the most fantastic affiliate networks I use right now:

  • Survey Junkie

I went from $1.34 to $1,264 in 4 weeks with Michelle’s training.

Check out Michelle’s course here if you want to learn affiliate marketing from the best.

Her affiliate marketing income is almost $50,000 monthly!

What to know before applying to any affiliate marketing scheme?

1. Your website needs content, and it may be denied!

You must apply to join an affiliate programme.

This generally involves filling in details about your website, location, traffic, and other factors.

You may be rejected if you do not meet specific criteria.

Your website should include 5-15 content and be well-designed.

Try to find an email contact if you are denied from one affiliate programme.

You may only need to tweak a few posts or increase traffic from a specific source.

Never give up! It’s natural to be rejected!

Not all my applications were successful, as I have applied to numerous affiliate programmes.

2. You must reach a minimum threshold payment before being compensated.

Most affiliate schemes have a payment minimum.

It can be $10 or $100.

Not too ecstatic after your first sale?

My Amazon $1.30 took months to arrive!Amazon World Map

Check each affiliate program’s minimum threshold.

3. Payments can take up to 3 months.

Depending on the affiliate programme, payouts can take up to three months to reach you.

They need to authenticate the sale and offer a 30-day refund policy.

You lose your commission if someone cancels their purchase and requests a refund.

4. Examine your commission.

Every affiliate programme is unique.

You may get paid a set sum if someone subscribes to a service you recommend.

A fixed commission on sales may also be paid.

To determine a program’s profitability, determine how much money each affiliate can make.

Remember that every tiny amount count:

If you recommend a $250 product, you’ll earn $100 in commissions.

But if you recommend a free app, you’ll make $2 per subscribed reader.

5. Keep an eye on your partners

Applying for affiliate programmes can be intimidating, especially at first.

Keep track of all applications, acceptances, and rejections.

This is all tracked in a simple Google Sheet.

Other ways to find affiliate programmes:

Google Lookup

A Google search will help you find affiliate programmes.

Enter “company + affiliate programme” in Google.

To find the Amazon affiliate programme, simply Google it.

It’s a quick method to see if companies in your niche a programme have you may participate in.

Surveillance of rivals:

See what products other websites in your niche are marketing.

Inquire directly with the firm about becoming an affiliate by emailing them.

4. Produce great material that is relevant.

Your website or blog must have content to be successful in affiliate marketing.

Creativity is required, but not mediocrity.

Create shareable, relevant, and concise material if you want to make money online!

Write thorough blog entries with call out actions, short paragraphs, and bullet points to ensure your website visitors have fun.

That is, your material must be exceptional!

Your affiliate marketing strategy can include various forms of content:


Reviews help your readers make purchasing decisions.Google Logo

How often do you Google “product name review” before purchasing a product or service?

So, for example, The Wire Cutter specialises in product reviews and gets compensated when customers buy through links.

Comparing products:

Another fantastic approach to assist your readers.

If your industry has numerous major competitors, comparing their merits and drawbacks can be useful.

By supporting them in selecting the most refined product or service for themselves, a buyer is close to completion.

The Wire Cutter has an example of comparison here.

Articles list:

List articles are very reader friendly.

Lists are adored. To earn affiliate commissions, you must establish lists relevant to your niche.

Tutorials and “How to”:

One of the most acceptable ways to build trust is beneficial to your audience.

Once trust is established, people are more likely to listen to your recommendations for products or services.

Keep in mind that you must genuinely assist!

This trust can be built with tutorials or guides that teach you “How To.”

5. Become an SEO guru

You can get more Google page views through SEO (search engine optimisation).

Websites that want to target affiliate marketing should prioritise organic search traffic.

You need to understand user intent to successfully combine SEO and Affiliate Marketing.

When a user conducts a search, they have an intention.

It basically tells you what a user wants when they type a keyword.

Your sales funnels will become more specific as you learn what your target readers want.

His website in the outdoor niche now receives over 1 million visitors per year thanks to his SEO skills.

His website can generate over $95,000 in Amazon sales per year with just a few hours per week!

Mike teaches all his SEO techniques in his fantastic course, Stupid Simple SEO.

He has an excellent system on SEO that is easy to understand.

6. Attract new fans

To master affiliate marketing for beginners, you must create excellent content.

You can’t make money unless people read your content!

An engaged audience is crucial to your success!

How to get more page views and traffic to your website:

Create an email list:

Affiliate marketers must use email marketing as one of their main tools.

“The money is in the list,” many successful affiliates will tell you.

When your website goes live, start collecting emails!

Convert your readers into subscribers by giving them valuable freebies.

Incorporate a sign-up form for all posts.

Involve your readers in your emails by targeting your niche.

Emails are a great way to connect personally with your audience.

Build trust with your audience, and they will be ready to listen to your advice when the time is right.

Guest post on niche-related blogs and contact influencers

However, if you are a newbie, guest posts will be beneficial for two reasons:

1. Your content will be seen by a much larger audience, and you will gain backlinks and authority.

Guest posting on niche sites will eventually grow your own engaged audience.

Contacting relevant bloggers and influencers in your niche can also help get your work seen.

If done correctly, this is a great way to grow an audience.

Time spent on Pinterest:

For new bloggers, Pinterest is a great way to build an audience.Pinterest Logo with writing

SEO optimisation takes time to be found on Google.

If you want to build traffic right away, you need to master Pinterest as well as SEO.

Pretty kitchen pictures and recipes used to be all that Pinterest was, but now it’s much more.

Over 175 million users make it a powerful tool for driving traffic.

Contrary to popular belief, Pinterest’s new subscribers are overwhelmingly male.

Bloggers and business owners produce almost 75% of the images saved on Pinterest, showcasing their creativity.

We can share products and content that people want to see.

Affiliate Marketing for Dummies | Using Pinterest

Tips for engaging your audience on Pinterest include:

See what’s trending on Pinterest.

Pinterest’s “trending” feature might help you discover what your target market wants.

2. Study successful pins for inspiration

Explore the success of popular images: is there a favourite colour?

Your brand should be aware of seasonal trends.

Utilise this data to inform your marketing strategy.

3. Study your competitors’ tactics and see what works for them.

A growing number of your competitors may have a Pinterest account.

Analyse their success and apply it to your own.

No Pinterest account for your website?

Create one now!

I gained over 100,000 monthly visitors within three months, netting thousands of dollars.

Invest in paid media:

My experience is limited to this.

So far, I’ve spent ZERO on paid promotion.

That said, it works to drive traffic and sales to your website.

According to Neil Patel, every $1 spent on Facebook ads generated $3.

Invest in Google AdWords or Promoted Pins:

7. EncourageGoogle AdWord Logo

You must have reached this phase in your step-by-step affiliate marketing guide for beginners.

Following your audience’s trust, you can start recommending valuable products.

Promote products that your target market will buy.

You risk losing your readers’ trust if you don’t act promptly.

Nevertheless, how should you highlight your affiliate products and services?


You can promote your affiliate offers with banners on your site.

Once you join an affiliate programme, you will usually be given creatives.

Conversions can be improved by placing banners in high traffic posts.

An image that captures the eye is more likely to be clicked.

That’s it!

I went from $1.34 to $1,264 in 4 weeks with Michelle’s training.

Check out Michelle’s course here if you want to learn affiliate marketing from the best.

Her affiliate marketing income is almost $50,000 monthly!

Product Testimonials:

Reviewing products is a great way to promote affiliate links.

Constantly remember to be honest, as your readers expect it.

With your affiliate link in the review, folks may still buy your page if they want it.

Images and/or Videos for Promo:

You can create images that show the product in use, like banner ads.Banner Ads

So, your readers will know how to use the product.

Also, it can help them visualise the product’s functionality.

Links in the Text:

This is probably the most common and easiest method of affiliate marketing.

When you click a link on a website, you are normally taken to an external page where you can buy something.

A great way to promote products without being too pushy is to use in-text content links.

Giveaways and Coupon Codes:

Affiliate programmes may approach you with discount vouchers or giveaways to promote their products.

Also, the discounts or giveaways will help people discover helpful products.

Email Marketing:

Your email list can be used to promote offers.

“Built-up” means one person!

Before you start promoting offers, get used to sending emails to your readers and building rapport with them.

If you only care about making a sale, you will appear desperate.

Provide helpful advice and only promote when a fair offer is available to your target market.

How can I learn more about Affiliate Marketing?

This beginner’s guide to affiliate marketing hopes to have clarified what it is.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing is a must-read for anyone serious about affiliate marketing success.

Thanks to this course, over $1,000 in affiliate marketing in 30 days.

Following Michelle’s class, I made $0 in affiliate marketing for the first two and a half months of my blog.

I made money in a few weeks:

People have said they made over $5,000 in just 5 months from what they have learned in this course…

Invest in yourself now and learn from the professionals.

What Now?

So sorry for the lengthy read!

This means you already know everything about Affiliate Marketing for Dummies!

Affiliate marketing is the best way to make passive income from your website or blog.

I hope you enjoyed reading my Blog Beginner Affiliate Marketing for Dummies.

Be so kind and Leave Questions and Comments Below.

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