How to do Affiliate Marketing Successfully for Dummies 7 Points

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Updated on the 17 November 2022

Welcome Affiliate MarketingI want to thank you for visiting my website.

Nice to spend some time with you. 

I want to discuss How to do Affiliate Marketing Successfully for Dummies 7 Points.

Learn affiliate marketing step-by-step with this article.

This is an excellent affiliate marketing article for anyone who wants to learn more.

Let’s look it that way…

Affiliate marketing relies on sharing.

Affiliates get paid for bringing in new customers.

Affiliate marketing success depends on your goals.

If you want to make a life from affiliate marketing, create a trusting, interested audience.

If people trust you, they’ll buy from your suggested company.

If you want more cash, publish content that attracts industry shoppers.

They’ll easily find what they need on your site.

How to do Affiliate Marketing for Dummies


I got interested in blogging a few years ago.

Affiliate marketing was new, unlike selling or advertising.

Affiliate marketing was unknown to me.

So, “Affiliate Marketing for Dummies” came at the right time.

My first affiliate sale was exciting.

Two and a half months into blogging, Google sent me $1.30 on January 14.

First affiliate sale in 3 months!


Resource: How to do Affiliate Marketing Successfully Now

As a Marketing Affiliate (LOL)!

Affiliate marketing requires an audience. Because I lacked experience, I educated myself.

End of February, I only earned through affiliate marketing.

It was not easy; I had to budget.

This article will teach you how.

Read carefully…

Affiliate marketing definition

Each affiliate visitor or client is paid (a commission).

What’s the deal?

You promote products and services to earn affiliate commissions.

You only get paid for a subscription or sale.

If the customers click on your link and buy.

Affiliate marketing – let’s have a closer look:

Affiliate programmes provide you with unique URLs to monitor customers.

Example of a Unique Code:

You may promote everything you love.

Your link may save a cookie on readers’ devices.

His cookie lasts a day, week, year, or forever.

It’s possible to buy something with the cookie activated.

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Helen hits a link in your crockpot blog article.

She checks Amazon and decides against it.

A woman walks and then buys a $2,000 MacBook Pro.



In 24 hours…

Remember that hard effort pays off in the end.

Pro Tip

Pro TipPut customers first, and then they will buy from you.


One of my favourite blog moneymakers is affiliate marketing.

Posts and reviews can provide passive income for years.

Resource: How to Effectively Earn Income with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing earnings:


Unlimited earning potential!

Affiliate marketers make 10k+ every month.

But some experts do well.

Michelle earns over $50,000/month in affiliate marketing.

She took a course to improve her skills. 

This course was excellent.

Mike from Stupid Simple SEO makes $95,000 using SEO and Amazon.

Resource: Powerful SEO Tips and Tricks to Boost Traffic Now 

Affiliate Marketing made easier:

  • This affiliate marketing guide will make your life easier.
  • Affiliate marketing seems straightforward on paper.
  • Join affiliate programmes
  • Add blog links


Reality isn’t straightforward.

Affiliate marketing requires rigorous adherence to these steps.

1. Niche down

Affiliate marketers target niches.

Affiliate marketing’s monetisation challenges.

Yes, and I’m proof.

I have three websites with different niches.

They are:

My brand new website is under construction.

It increases Google’s ranks and audience growth.

Asking Queries Like:

What fascinates me?

For months or years, avoid writing about topics you despise.


You know how things work.

This helps you analyse and produce website content.

Write problem-solving sentences.

Reading pays off.

Is my speciality profitable?

Your niche: monetisable?

Resource: 9 successful Micro Niche Ideas Now – Guide

  • Writing for money is essential.
  • Make sure to put customers first.

Pick a money-making specialisation (you are reading this).

  • Sometimes this must trump enthusiasm.
  • Health & Fitness: This area has eager buyers.
  • Money Food & Nutrition (making and saving)
  • Beginners will love these areas.

Am I too niche?

  • Ensure your selected expert has adequate subjects.
  • Pink dog collars are rare, but dog accessories are plenty.
  • Write on items you know, no matter the field.
  • Affiliate marketing must help your target customer make money.
  • Always focus on helping your readers.
  • Your clients must value your recommendations.

EducationalEducational Blogging:

Subscribe for blog updates.


Build a site

Create a website.

Skip to 3 if you have a website or blog.

Are you blogging? 


Research if not.

Self-hosted websites allow you to design and control content.

Creating a website involves several stages.

Opportunity With Wealthy Affiliate:

Get Free Domain Name, WordPress and Hosting. 

Included is basic training.

Chance of earning a commission.

No Credit Card is Required.

Check it out Now – Don’t Miss Out.

2. Domain choice

Name a domain means online address.

My top naming tips:

Check domain availability here:

3. Choose an app

  • has the most users. 
  • Gathering Dreams uses it.
  • (using a hosting provider).
  • Misconfigured sites can’t use affiliate programmes.

4. Get hosting.

  • Bluehost hosts all your internet data.
  • Click Get Started Now to pick your package.

5. WordPress installation

  • After hosting, instal WordPress.
  • Bluehost makes websites live in minutes.

6. Theme

  • WordPress themes flawlessly design websites.
  • Layout, colours, fonts, widget positioning, navigation menus, etc.
  • Free and premium articles are beautiful.
  • Use Just Pro on Gathering Dreams.
  • Then read my full blog-starting instructions.
  • Beginner-friendly affiliate programmes

Affiliate programmesFind niche-specific affiliate programmes.

Your affiliate strategy depends on the programmes you choose.

Two affiliate programmes are available.

Affiliate networks connect publishers with affiliate programmes (like Awin).

Joining an affiliate network simplifies affiliate applications.

Each company’s affiliate programme is distinct (like Survey Junkie).

These affiliate programmes pay $1,264 per month.

  • Awin
  • VigLink
  • Bounty
  • Flex-Offer

I utilise these affiliate networks:

7. Pollster

Michelle’s teaching helped student earn $1,264 in 4 weeks.

Learn affiliate marketing from Michelle’s course.

Her monthly affiliate revenue is around $50,000.

Resource: Making sense of Cents with Michelle

What to know about affiliate marketing?

1. Website content may be disallowed.

Affiliate programmes require applications.

This includes a website, location, traffic, and other details.

Not meeting standards may result in rejection.

Your website should have 5-15 well-written posts.

If you’re denied an affiliate programme, try emailing.

You may need to change posts or boost one source’s traffic.

Persevere! Rejection is natural.

Many of my affiliate programme applications were rejected.

Want more Traffic to your site? Click Here.

2. A minimum threshold must be reached before payment.

Most affiliate programmes have minimal payments.

$10 to $100.

Does the first sale leave you cold?

My $1.30 from Google took months.

Check each program’s minimum.

3. Three-month payments are possible.

affiliate marketingAffiliate programme payouts may take three months.

They must confirm sales and give 30-day refunds.

If a customer demands a refund, you forfeit your commision.

4. Check your commissions.

Unique affiliate programmes exist.

You may get paid to promote a service.

Sales commissions may be paid.

The program’s profitability depends on affiliate earnings.

Resource: How to build a successful Affiliate Marketing Business A – Z

Every bit helps:

$2 per subscription if you promote a free app.

5. Watch partners

First-time affiliate programme applications might be scary.

Track applications, approvals, and rejections.

Google Sheets tracks all of this.

Other affiliate programme sources:

6. Bing Search Engine

Google searchSearch Google for affiliate programmes.

Google “company+affiliate programme.”

Google Amazon’s affiliate programme.

It’s easy to see if firms have a programme.

7. Rivalry:

See what speciality websites are selling.

Email the company about affiliate opportunities.

8. Create relevant, unique content.

Affiliate marketing requires a well-written website or blog.

Creativity, not mediocrity, is essential.

Create valuable, succinct content to generate money online.

Engage readers using call-outs, short paragraphs, and bullet points.

Your work must be outstanding.

Your affiliate marketing plan may involve the following:

9. Reviews:

Product-Review-LogoReviews aid buyers.

Do you Google “product name review” before buying?

The Wire Cutter gets paid when readers click links.

10. Products:

Another way to help readers.

Compare the strengths and shortcomings of your main competitors.

Choosing the best product or service is almost done.

Wire Cutter compares.

11. Bibliography:

Reader-friendly list articles.

Love lists. Affiliate revenues require niche-relevant lists.

12. How-tos:

HelpingHelping your audience builds trust.

When people trust you, they’ll consider your product ideas.

Remember to help!

Tutorials or “How To” guides can build trust.

Resource: How to Improve Your Google Rankings Fast Now – Guide

13. SEO expert

SEO increases Google pageviews (search engine optimisation).

Affiliate websites should prioritise organic search traffic.

SEO and Affiliate Marketing require user intent.

A user’s search has a purpose.

It tells what a keyword-typing user wants.

Discovering what readers want will restrict sales funnels.

SEO sent 1 million visits to his outdoor website.

Create great content to grasp affiliate marketing for novices.

Mike teaches SEO in Stupid Simple SEO.

He has a simple SEO system.

14. Increase Your Fanbase

Create great content to grasp affiliate marketing for novices.

Without readers, you can’t make money.

Your success depends on an engaged audience.

How to increase website pageviews and traffic:

15. Email list:

Email marketingAffiliate marketers should employ email marketing.

Successful affiliates say, “The money’s on the list.”

Start collecting emails when your website launches.

Freebies can convert readers into subscribers.

All postings should have a signup form.

Target your speciality to engage readers.

Emails help you connect with your audience directly.

They’ll heed your advice if they trust you.

Guest blog and contact influencers

Guest posts benefit beginners in two ways.

16. You’ll get backlinks, authority, and a broader audience.

Your own engaged audience will increase via guest posting.

Contacting specialised blogs and influencers might also assist.

If done right, this grows an audience.

17. Pinterest:

Pinterest helps blogs develop their audience.

Google takes a long to index SEO.

You must grasp Pinterest and SEO to gain visitors quickly.

Pinterest moved beyond kitchen images and recipes.

With 175 million users, it’s a traffic-driving powerhouse.

Pinterest’s new users are disproportionately male, against common opinion.

Bloggers and business owners produce 75% of Pinterest’s photos.

Share popular items and content.

Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing

Pinterest tips:

pinterest-logo-with-writingPinterest trends.

“Trending” on Pinterest can help you understand your market.

Resource: How Can I do Affiliate Marketing on Facebook Successfully

18. Pins can inspire you.

What colour are popular images?

Seasonal patterns should be considered.

Use this data for marketing.

19. Learn from your competitors’ strategies.

Your competitors may use Pinterest.

Compare your achievement to theirs.

No website Pinterest?

Start now!

One hundred thousand monthly visitors in three months = thousands.

20. Paid media:

That’s my only experience.

I’ve spent NOTHING on sponsored marketing.

It increases website traffic and sales.

Neil Patel believes $1 on Facebook ads produces $3.

21. Encourage

EncourageThe affiliate marketing beginner’s guide ends here.

Using your audience’s trust, propose good items.

Sell your target market’s items.

Inaction risks losing your readers’ faith.

How should you promote your affiliate products?

22. Adverts:

Your site can display affiliate banners.

Affiliate programmes typically provide creatives after you join.

High-traffic advertisements enhance conversions.

A captivating image increases clicks.


22. Reviews:

Product reviews feature affiliate links.

Readers expect you to be honest.

Your affiliate link in the review might sell your page.

23. Promo images/videos:

Banner advertising can use product-in-use photographs.

So readers can utilise the product.

It helps people visualise product functionality.

24. Textlinks:

website linkThis is the most accessible affiliate marketing approach.

A website link leads to a purchasing page.

In-text links advertise items without being overbearing.

25. Coupons and giveaways:

Affiliate programmes may provide discounts or prizes to promote their products.

Discounts or gifts help individuals find valuable items.

26. Mailing:

Promoting deals through email lists.

One individual is “built-up.”

Email your audience before promoting your products.

You’ll seem desperate if you simply worry about sales.

Only promote when your target market has a reasonable offer.


Q. If I want to be successful in affiliate marketing, what should I do?
  • Make sure your affiliates represent a wide range of businesses.
  • Take charge of your connection to the audience.
  • Join affiliate programmes that promote items chosen by your target market.
  • Know your products inside and out.
  • Provide full disclosure of any affiliate relationships.
  • Give everyone your coupon codes.
  • Develop a shop that you can promote on Instagram.
Q. How can I advertise links that belong to my affiliate programme?

7 essential methods for promoting affiliate connections (and actually make profit)

  • Being strategic is essential in affiliate marketing.
  • Include external links in your writing.
  • Send out an email to your mailing list.
  • Explain to your podcast’s audience.
  • Make sure to embed URLs in your videos.
  • Insert clickable links to your digital wares.
  • Join the conversation online.
  • You may expand your marketing efforts with the help of paid advertisements.
Q. How can you create a successful affiliate programme?

Step-by-step instructions for creating an affiliate programme

  • Choose items with a high average order value (AOV) to promote. 
  • The first step is to decide which goods to include in your affiliate network.
  • Establish your affiliate price and commision.
  • Select an affiliate management app.
  • Recruit your associates.
  • Manage your affiliates.


Affiliate marketing helps organisations grow without depleting marketing expenditures.

One affiliate may produce more traffic, leads, and revenue than usual.

Don’t forget the Opportunity is waiting for You with Wealthy Affiliate

Get Free Domain Name, WordPress and Hosting. 

Included is basic training.

Chance of earning a commission.

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I hope that How to Affiliate Marketing Successfully for Dummies 7 Points was helpful.

Please leave comments and questions below.

Till The Next Time


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  1. How did you go from $1.34 to $1,264 with Michelle’s training? I think you forgot to add your link, please add it because that sounds like some incredible training, and I’d love to check it out!

    I really enjoyed reading about the mindset that you provided. It is very important to keep that forward-thinking attitude, and have an understanding that giving up is not worth it. The potential to make affiliate revenue is enormous, never ever give up!

    1. Thank You David for your comment

      I just followed the training. Here is the link to check out for you

      You always have to keep the positive attitude to go forward even when it gets hard at times.

      You will succeed if you keep with it.


  2. I wish I came across this article when I was still new to the game. This article would have really helped me pick up my business faster than expected. I will be sure to share this article with my friends who have just started being an affiliator. I am sure that they will appreciate it a lot 

    1. Thank You Daniel for your comment.

      I did a lot of research into the article to help newbies to get a head start. 

      I know how hard it can be when you just starting out with Affiliate Marketing. 

      I myself did struggle at the beginning. 

      I am glad that I can help new starters along to get them off to a to a good start building their business.

      If you have more Questions I am glad to answer them.