Wealthy Affiliates – How to be a Success with 13 Steps

We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

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Hi and welcome; I am so happy you have found me in the broad world of Google.

Wealthy Affiliate is a superb online moneymaker.

Affiliate marketing success is possible for everyone with the appropriate tools.

It requires patience, perseverance, and a proper mindset.

Wealthy Affiliates helps people start internet businesses and earn passive income.

It provides affiliate marketing training courses, webinars, tutorials, and forums.

With Wealthy Affiliate help, you can succeed quickly!

I will list the steps for you to follow; If you follow them correctly, you will also succeed.

1. Sign up for the Free Wealthy Affiliate program.

You can join her >> Instant Access <<

No Credit Card Needed

Once you have created your account, please have a look around and familiarise yourself with what it is all about.

If you are happy with what you see, go to the next stop

You can now create your profile and get to know the community.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you this approach.

How does Wealth Affiliate works diagram

Since the early 2000s, this technique has built massively profitable online firms, and its core ideas will continue to work for decades. EVER!

I’ll discuss this 4-step process in more depth, so you know what to expect, but you can learn more about Wealthy Affiliate and this method on their website.

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2. Choose a niche and create a website.
What is a niche site?

Niche sites target a specific audience or theme.

It can be about health, business, relationships, travel, food, fashion, animals, or the obscure.

This guide might become an SEO “War and Peace” if it covers all specialised sites.

Niche affiliate websites are our emphasis today.

How do Niche affiliate sites work?

Niche affiliate websites promote products through content.

Company sales generate commissions.

Affiliate marketing’s basic idea.

Site owners write reviews like “The finest five hiking backpacks” to do this.

Affiliates explain:

The product and who needs it and why?

Reader-friendly benefits and downsides of each option

These reviews contain affiliate links to the partner’s product page.

Purchases earn affiliate commissions.

  • The success of your website creation endeavor within the Wealthy Affiliate platform hinges on selecting a suitable market niche.
  • Finding the market sector with the highest long-term profit can be difficult.
  • But, if you put in the time and effort required, you might locate a market niche that can prove fruitful for your company.
  • In this article, we’ll review some tips for picking a lucrative niche for your Wealthy Affiliate site and building a place to bring in clients and money.
The Best Niches in the twenty-first century
  • Fashion
  • Fashion is a mainstream niche with various sub-niches, giving you many options.
  • Travel
  • Technology
  • Education/Self Help
  • Games
  • Home Decor
  • Health & Wellness/Exercise
  • Money/How to make money online
How to Choose a Niche

When you join Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll get a niche finder platform to assist you in choosing your business’s “direction.”

I typed “dog training” and got this.

prmote dog training WA

As you can see, this field has several lucrative business opportunities.

I could specialize in remote-controlled drones if I enjoyed them.

I could specialize in makeup if I liked it.

If you specialize in knitting.

It’s up to you to start a business in a niche you need to learn more about or care about.

Millions of business paths exist!

For this example, I enter the “drone” niche.

My business and website would revolve around that.

Note: Wealthy Affiliate provides niche-finding training and personal coaching to help you choose a niche.

Wealthy Affiliate’s training pushes you to choose a business path you’ll appreciate, succeed in, and enjoy!

6. Build a Website (Your Foundation)

After choosing your niche, design your website.

Websites are business foundations.

Your website is your property.

A house with a foundation is solid and sustainable. Online/affiliate businesses are similar.

Websites generate all material, traffic, rankings, and revenue.

I’d construct a drone website.

I want to help, inform, recommend products/services, and share my thoughts on this topic.

No requirement for expertise or authorization.

You become an expert as you construct your website and learn about your business.

Musk worked to become an “electric car” expert.

If you become a “drone specialist” working hard in this sector.

Wealthy Affiliate gives Beginning members a WordPress website.

Premium Plus+ members can host up to 10 domain-based websites.

Upgrades include two complimentary domains.

7. Traffic (Your Audience)

Resource: Cloudways offers cloud, dedicated, and web hosting. Check it out NOW

Having a successful Wealthy Affiliate website requires knowledge and effort.

Increase traffic to your Wealthy Affiliate website to reach the ideal people.

This can be done through SEO optimization, content marketing, social media promotion, and more.

Your Wealthy Affiliate website can attract more consumers with the appropriate strategy.

Consider that the business building has one method. Traffic.

Those who buy from you or execute a desired action that generates revenue.

For any business, online or offline.

A hot dog vendor will sell little in a desert with no people.

Hot dogs will sell well outside a nightclub after it shuts or at a fair around lunchtime.

Similar principle for online sales. Without website visitors, you have no customers.

You can do anything if you rank in Google, Bing, and Yahoo and use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, SnapChat, and Instagram to drive your blog/article traffic.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches traffic.

They rank your website using the best methods!

Weekly training will teach you new traffic methods for your business.

8. Earn Money (Your Profits)

Finally, how do you make money?

You have a niche, website, and visitors, but what are you selling?

You do. Affiliate marketers can advertise over 550,000,000 products.

These products/services don’t require inventories.

Your link to companies using your affiliate links and receive a percentage of sales.

Every sale can earn cents to $1,000.

I may promote 1,000 drone-related products/services/guides/etc.

I may advertise 50,100 drone-related Amazon products. Referred products earn me a 6% commission.

Rytr – The Most Affordable Call to Action, Intro, Conclusions, and more. Free forever, upgrade as you scale!

Drone Affiliate Program

For a $100 drone, your commision will be $6; for a $40,000 drone, it will be $2,400.

After traffic, this is simply one option to make money from your website.

Advertise, establish an email list, offer products/services, or resell website traffic.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Affiliate Programs portal lets Starter, Premium, and Premium Plus+ members find affiliate programs in any niche.

Here are some examples I just researched

Fashion Affiliate Marketing Programs

Note – Working with some of the most successful affiliate marketers in the world is made possible by Wealthy Affiliate, which offers one of the most profitable affiliate programs online.

Find affiliate programs and convert website visitors into “sales” with essential to intermediate instruction.

You’ll soon master affiliate marketing.

9. Optimize your Website for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO is a must for any website to rank highly in search engines.

If you are a Wealthy Affiliate member, optimizing your website for SEO is necessary.

It’s the only way to ensure your website ranks high for corresponding keywords and topics.

To optimize your Wealthy Affiliate website for SEO, you must understand how search engines work and use their algorithms to rank websites.

You must also know the best practices for creating content that will be indexed by search engines and attract visitors to your site.

With the right strategies, you can ensure that your Wealthy Affiliate website stands out from the competition and gets noticed by potential customers.

10. Email Marketing Builds Relationships and Boosts Conversions.

Conversion rates and audience engagement both improve when using email marketing.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you can use email marketing to create personalized campaigns to reach your target audience and drive them to act.

You can use email marketing to stay in touch with your existing customers and nurture them into becoming loyal customers.

You can also use it to acquire new customers by targeting potential leads and turning them into paying customers.

By utilizing email marketing with Wealthy Affiliate, you can leverage the power of automation.

Personalization to create campaigns tailored specifically for your target audience and drive more conversions.

Use AWeber for all your email marketing it is Free; No credit card required. No time restrictions. Check it out now.

11. Monitor results and change strategy as needed.

Online marketing success requires tracking results.

The Wealthy Affiliate website lets you easily track and adjust your strategy to maximize your ROI – Return on investment.

Using the Wealthy Affiliate website, you can analyze data from multiple sources such as Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, and more.

This will give you a realistic view of your campaigns’ performance and allow you to make necessary adjustments.

The Wealthy Affiliate website also offers conversion tracking and other information to assist you in choosing the best business strategy.

With these insights in hand, you can confidently move forward with confidence knowing that all of your efforts are paying off.

Repeat the process and continue to grow your income.

12. How much does it all cost?

The starter membership is free.

Try Wealthy Affiliate. Why?

It is Cost-Free, so have a good look before you join.

Wealthy Affiliate provides a free, no-obligation Beginning membership.

Only some internet services are confident enough to let you sample them for free before you buy.

Wealthy Affiliate is different because of that.

Leave. Never return and lose anything.

If you like the site and services, stay.

You can spend as much time as a Starter member, and if you determine Wealthy Affiliate Premium is worth $1 per day, you can upgrade later.

I like product-backed companies.

Visit a car dealership to try the latest Porch or Mercedes before buying.

You know what you’re getting before buying.

Wealthy Affiliate’s FREE Beginning membership delivers more than any paid program.

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13. What is the price of using Wealthy Affiliate?

You may join Wealthy Affiliate for free, $49 monthly ($19 for the first month), or $359 yearly.

The yearly membership is the cheapest option.

Access to BASIC instruction is included in the Free Plan.


  • Top-notch web hosting service boasting unfailing uptime, lightning-fast page loads, and a wealth of valuable extras.
  • Hundreds of hours of video-recorded instruction
  • Instructional webinars are held every week, with time set aside for questions.
  • Around 1.4 million active users contribute regularly.
  • This package provides two free domains, free instruction, and a keyword research tool.


  • Perhaps addictive due to the high level of interaction among users.
  • Expect a steady stream of money to begin after six months.


Q. Who is the target audience for Wealthy Affiliate?

Those interested in gaining knowledge in affiliate marketing are the intended audience.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate is it a scam or legit?

It’s real. I was able to cancel my Premium Membership easily.

They don’t refund.

However, you can try it before you buy

Q. At what time can one expect financial success with Wealthy Affiliate?

The million-dollar question. I earned my first commission in three months without trying.

I created a website for my business and added affiliate links to help readers.

Wealthy Affiliate includes what?

Let’s see lots more videos, community help, and more.
Version Free.

Perfect Grammar & Spelling

Efficiency Web Templates

30 Keywords, Infinite Opportunities

30-scans Tracking SiteRank

24/7 Support

Entrepreneur Training Online (10 Lessons)

Affiliate Bootcamp (10 Lessons)

Changing Classrooms (2 Classrooms)

Build Your Website With 3,000+ Gorgeous Designs (12)

SiteDomains, the only all-inclusive domain platform for Virus and malware protection


Entrepreneur Training Online (50 Lessons)

Affiliate Bootcamp (70 Lessons)

Weekly interactive classes

Over 300 Hours of Professional Instruction in Amazing Industry Training Classrooms, Changing every day (12 Classrooms)

Make Money Producing Training

Self-Governance WA Blog: Website Platform for Growth (50)

SiteSpeed, Increase Website Speed

SiteProtect, Improved Spam Prevention

Website Analysis, SiteHealth

Webpage feedback: a focus group

Site SSL—Free SSL certificates (Website Encryption)

24/7 Monitoring & Automation

24/7/365 Site Support: Average Response < 5 Minutes!

Servers, Sites, Power

Enhance Your Content With 1,000,000 Gorgeous Graphics

Plagiarism Checker Niche Discovery and more…


Since 2002, they’ve trained millions.

Wealthy Affiliate is constantly improving the platform, making it an exciting time to join.

In 2019, it will undergo many more big modifications to make it even more robust!

If the review and pricing weren’t enough, check out these excellent reviews!

Click Here to join the Free, Wealthy Affiliate Account Right Now!

Hope this Article was helpful.

Elke Auther

Till the Next Time



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  1. Hello Make Money Online Affiliates, Your website is clean and easy to read. I like how explaining step by step what to expect inside wealthy affiliates and how easy it is for you to navigate thru the website. I also like the jump ahead box for people that might be more advance or just seeing what features Wealthy Affiliate has. Nice job 

    1. Thank You, Byron

      I am thrilled that you like my article; I am always striving to find exclusive content for my blog/website.

      This way customers are happy and will return to my site.

      I thank you once more


  2. I like how you hit the ground running Elke, immediately pointing to the tools that Wealthy Affiliate provides to every subscriber as evidence that the platform can work for anyone who has the grain of an idea and the motivation to get started.

    The list of best niches of the twenty-first century is enlightening as well and seems to be populated by the arenas where online or mail order shopping has been established since the early part of the twentieth century with the likes of the Sears or Montgomery Ward catalogs.

    Do you think less known of or established niches can succeed in the same way or should a person play it safe when deciding what niche to promote?

    1. Thank You, Joseph, for Your Comment.

      Yes, I do think that less popular niches can still be a frontrunner. It all depends on how you find and create content, get your Keywords right, and don’t forget your SEO.

      Once you have done all that, there is no reason why Google should not find you and rank you Number 1.

      Regarding the customers – there are always people out there who just want what you are selling.

      Never give up, and you will be a success.