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How to successfully use WordPress and Google Analytics – 23 Tips

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Updated on August 12, 2023

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Today I will discuss WordPress and Google Analytics and answer any questions you may have.

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WordPress and Google Analytics: 23 Tips

Most websites utilize WordPress. It powered 31% of web pages in early 2021 and 33% in early 2022. 

These WordPress Tips for Beginners can help you progress. 

WordPress’s popularity is boosting its competitiveness. 

So, improve your site to grow your business. 

1. Let’s look a little closer at WordPress

I learned WordPress first. 

In 2007, the company requested a WordPress blog theme (not built on WordPress).

My theme was better than the company’s. Therefore, I joined.

Before utilizing WordPress, I designed and programmed for a few years.

WordPress is the only CMS I’ve ever loved. 

WordPress rocks. It does so much on the web you may not be aware of.

CMS-favorite Wikipedia (a CMS is a piece of software that lets you quickly write, edit, and publish content on the web).

4.5 percent of the internet uses WordPress (opens in a new tab). 

WordPress powers 50-60% of CMS-powered websites. 

Every second, WordPress publishes 17 blog entries.

WordPress powers several well-known sites. 

CNN’s, Reuters’, WSJ’s, and Forbes’ blogs use WordPress. 

WordPress powers Mashable, The Next Web, and The New Yorker. 

NASA, People, Rolling Stones, Vogue, MTV News, and HBR utilize WordPress (opens in a new tab).

If WordPress can power these sites, it can power practically any site you develop.

Resource: How to build a successful Affiliate Marketing Business Now

2. How can you compete? It’s doable. 

Creative ways can increase your site’s performance. 

Below, we’ll review several expert tricks. 

These WordPress methods and hacks involve editing template files. 

Before making changes, back up all files. Safety first! 

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3. WordPress tips, plugins 

This post is broken into sections. 

  • Optimize 
  • Personalization 
  • Safety 
  • Administration 
  • WP Hacks 
  • Optimise picture size for site speed. 

4. WordPress tip: 

Choose the proper picture size. 

Compressing photos helps your website. 

Your site will be faster and smaller. 

Online programs automatically decrease photo size and quality., ImageResize, and Optimizilla are free. 

Caching plugins speeds up your site. 

Here are several WordPress caching plugins. 

5. SEO Plugin  

Any business needs an SEO-friendly website (Search Engine Optimisation). 

We recommend utilizing an SEO plugin together with an SEO-friendly theme. 

Installing a plugin improves SEO. 

Possibilities exist. Yeast SEO, All in One SEO Pack, and SEO Framework are recommended. 

Resource: Powerful SEO Tips and Tricks to Boost Traffic Now – Review

6. Tags: title, alt 

We don’t appreciate photos. 

Images enrich texts and websites. Nope. 

Behind-the-scenes images help. Tags and alt texts help. 

Readers will see the image if your photo or alt-text doesn’t load. 

The site has no photos. SEO-friendly title tags aren’t noticed. 

Title and alt caption your photographs before sharing. 

Both should be short and give adequate picture detail. 

7. Improve navigation 

How often have you visited a website seeking information to depart seconds later? 

Navigation is another prominent but often-overlooked element. 

Site navigation issues impact user experience and SEO. 

Increasing site efficiency by optimizing navigation. 

If your consumers are delighted, they’ll buy. 

Accelerates indexing. 

Resource: The Art and Business of Affiliate Marketing – eBooks

How can navigation be improved? 

Brand plugins let you organize products by brand. It’s free to use. 

  • Use Mega Menus for eCommerce or websites with many options/content 
  • Clickable anything 

8. WordPress Customisation 

Not always done despite being evident

Popular themes aren’t necessarily optimal for websites. 

Like eCommerce sites, dating sites need a specific appearance and functionality. 

It should be interoperable and provide the required capabilities. 

WordPress offers free and premium themes. Before deciding, consider the following: 

  • Mobile-friendly 
  • Quick, light 
  • Professionalism 
  • Browsers, plugins, add-ons compatibility 
  • Review the WordPress plugins Divi and Astra. 

WooCommerce free theme? 

Our selection of free WooCommerce themes. 

In the footer, you may highlight important information that site owners usually disregard. 

Widgets can add functionality. 

Some sites don’t allow them. We can assist. 

This patch adds theme footer widgets. 

Resource: How to Improve Your Google Rankings Fast Now – Guide

10. Facebook-comment 

Facebook has nearly 2.5 billion users. 

Your website may benefit from reader feedback. 

Your blog followers may comment and share on Facebook. 

11. Indicators 

WordPress conditional fields are helpful. 

You can show areas based on their values. 

This speeds up WooCommerce checkout. 

Only show the checkout fields that customers must complete. 

If the user chooses PayPal, the credit card forms should be obscured. 

Coding conditional fields are complex. 

WooCommerce Checkout Manager needs conditional fields. 

It can design conditional logic, chains, and reasoning with multiple child custom fields. 

12. Personalised 

Millions of websites compete with every organization nowadays. 

To stand out, you must meet your clients’ needs. 

13. Header editing


Website headers are essential. As the initial impression, make it count. 

An attractive header helps people navigate and find content. 

Use clear calls to action to guide readers to specified destinations. 

Personalise e-commerce shop page. To boost conversions, your store page must display your products. 

We outline how to alter the WooCommerce Shop page below. 

Before installing WordPress 8, back up your database. 

System or website assaults.

Database backups can swiftly restore websites. 

So frequent data backups are necessary (at least once a week) 

File export, download, and storage are easy.

If your site goes down, import the backup. 

Resource: – The Most Affordable Call to Action, Intro, Conclusions

14. Manage spam comments 

Allowing users to remark builds a community. Comment spammers. 

Google indexes content and comments. 

Avoid spam comments and links at all costs. 

To filter and moderate comments, use Akismet. 

Deactivate site-wide or page/post-specific comments. 

WordPress comment deactivation. Tutorial! 

15. Limit login attempts 

35% of internet pages use WordPress. 

Add an extra layer of security to safeguard your site from visitors and hackers. 

WordPress permits indefinite logins by default. 

To avoid brute-force assaults, limit login attempts. 

Login LockDown and Limit Login Attempt Reloaded are popular plugins. 

16. Managing WordPress 

WordPress site builders and designers must know this trick. 

Business growth requires a competent toolbox. 

Professional tool kits let you focus on other things. 

Create a toolbox of plugins, applications, extensions, and add-ons to boost your productivity. 

You can alter your kit if new needs emerge. 

Resource: There are 7 Very Useful Ways to Earn Money from Home

17. List essentials

Google Site Kit. Free and feature-rich. 

18. Disable plugins 

Plugins are used with WordPress. 

You may need to disable them for troubleshooting. 

19. Use one of these techniques to access the admin dashboard: 

  • Using WordPress, navigate to Plugins. 
  • Here are the plugins. From Bulk Actions, choose Deactivate. Apply. Finish. 
  • It disables your plugins. 
  • You may disable all WordPress plugins without using FTP. 
  • First, connect your site to an FTP client like FileZilla, Win SCP, Cyberduck, etc. 
  • Find wp-content/plugins. Rename it old plugins. 

Finished! All were deactivated. 

20. Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is one of Google’s numerous tools for understanding website traffic. 

It tracks and analyses site and visitor data. 

21. Is Google Analytics free? 

Yes, it’s a popular free tool. 

Google Analytics abundance of data makes it a must-have for website managers and marketers.

Your website needs Google Analytics. 

Google Analytics is free and provides visitor data. 

Using traffic and user behavior analytics, you may improve your website. 

22. Three ways to connect Google Analytics with WordPress. 

1. Headwrap modification. 

2. Modify functions file 

3. Add-ons 

Wealthy Affiliates has instructions for adding Google Analytics to WordPress. 

These WordPress tricks will assist in 2021. 

Most of these may be used without coding. 

Resource: 10 Tips Research Keywords: A Step-By-Step Guide for SEO

23. Let’s look at Google Analytics a bit closer.

This tool determines your website’s visit count, unique visitors, and regional distribution.

Google Analytics gives these statistics automatically, which is excellent for busy website administrators.

This tool offers so much that only your ingenuity limits website analytics.

Google Analytics also reveals: 

  • Facebook metrics (for example, from which social network is all this traffic coming) 
  • Your site’s mobile-friendliness 
  • How much traffic your site gets from other sites 
  • Your referral traffic versus search engine searches 

Google Analytics shows where your visitors come from, helping you analyze your digital marketing.

You can track where users go after leaving your site. 

The tool calculates conversion rates (the percentage of visitors who become paying customers) 

Such metrics can help you count email list subscribers. 

It can also assist you in enhancing your website’s design and coding. 

I have barely begun to explore Google Analytics’ capabilities…

What else? 

Share any WordPress tricks you know. 


Google Analytics is an excellent tool for measuring traffic and optimizing site performance. 

If you haven’t already, use Google Analytics to improve your digital marketing strategies.

I hope you found these WordPress tips helpful. 

Thanks for reading! Leave questions and comments below.

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  1. Thank you very much for this informative article. I have just realized that it is therefore very easy to create a website utilizing WordPress.

    With other “website builder” like WIx or Weebly, you will never have full ownership of your website. You pay a rental every month and the day you stop paying, well… you don’t have a website anymore.

    In addition, with these other types of website builder, it will be difficult for you to adapt your site completely to your needs. But WordPress allows you full control of your website.

    1. I like WordPress; it is not too hard to learn, especially here in WA. With all the training, it’s fantastic. I never look back on joining WA. Once you join WA, you don’t pay for your website. It works out cheaper than going somewhere else

      Thank you for your comment