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Today we will closely look at Pat Flynn and his success and compare it to Kyle Loudon and Caron Lim, the owners of Wealthy Affiliate and their empire.

I have looked at both and written a detailed case study on the mentioned above persons.

Some questions I have addressed:

How did they achieve their success?

What did they do before starting out?

How long did they take to be a success – When did they start out?

Stay with me and read on if you want to find the answers to these questions and more.

About Pat Flynn

Author, Entrepreneurial Leadership Forum

Leader of Smart Passive Income and its Founder

Pat Flynn is a San Diego, California-based father, husband, and businessman.

Since then, he has become a professional blogger, keynote speaker, author of a Wall Street Journal best-selling book, and host of the ‘Smart Passive Income’ and ‘AskPat’ podcasts, among other internet ventures.

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Let’s look a bit further at Pat Flynn.

Pat Flynn is a household name because of his many achievements in affiliate marketing.

Known for his openness and willingness to share his methods, Pat Flynn has risen to prominence in online commerce.

Affiliate marketing has brought Pat Flynn financial success and a dedicated fan base of people who respect and adore his achievements.

He has helped budding businesspeople by sharing his knowledge and experience through his Smart Passive Income blog and podcast.

Pat’s ability to adjust to and anticipate shifts in the technological world is a key factor in his success.

Technological world

He deeply appreciates the value of true connections with his readers and often provides them with content that hits the mark.

Pat’s prosperity was also due to his deliberate efforts to create multiple revenue streams.

He has dabbled in affiliate marketing, the development of online courses, the publication of books, and the introduction of a good software application.

Because of his strategy of diversification, he has been able to succeed despite economic downturns.

Aspiring affiliate marketers can learn from Pat Flynn’s experience since his story provides inspiration and actionable guidance.

His willingness to be open about his wins and losses has earned him respect and credibility.

Here, we will examine Pat Flynn’s background as an affiliate marketer in greater detail, touching on pivotal moments and delving into the tactics that have led to his unprecedented success.

There are lessons to be learned from Pat’s experiences that can assist in accelerating your affiliate marketing activities, regardless of whether you’re an experienced marketer or just beginning out in the business.

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His Personal Origin Story

I quote His Own Words.


“Although I didn’t realize it then, getting fired from my ideal job as an architect on June 17, 2008, was the best thing that could have happened to me.

Since being laid off, I’ve developed numerous successful internet businesses, impacted the lives of millions worldwide, and can now spend more time with my loved ones.

I am neither a skilled copywriter nor a marketing genius nor did I major in business.

But I understand that the key to company success is putting others’ needs before one’s own and then developing a structure that allows one to focus more heavily on serving others.

My aspirations in life include something other than acquiring an island, a Lambo, or a mansion in the Hollywood Hills with ten bedrooms.

Instead, I want to serve as an example to those around me through my deeds, my growth, and the joy I bring to others”.

Pat’s Guiding Principles

As stated by Pat himself,

I follow several rules to be grounded and focused. It’s easy to become lost in online commerce. These principles guide me.

Some of Pat’s Inside Tactics to learn off

Inside tactics

1. Life’s best and worst things occur when we least expect them.

If something awful happens to you, use it as a lesson and resolve to change your ways moving forward.

Please make the most of good opportunities and figure out how to make more of them appear in the future.

It’s better to make your fortune than to waste time trying to manipulate external factors.

Life is not always smooth sailing; bad things also happen to good people.

2. He wants his efforts to be worthwhile, whether he succeeds or fails.

The biggest business rush comes from winning because of your efforts.

Knowledge of personal accomplishment is the source of happiness.

The chance to take pleasure in one’s job and reap the benefits of one’s efforts occurs once in a lifetime.

The journey will be fraught with setbacks and errors. That makes sense.

When they do, get yourself up, figure out what went wrong, and keep going.

When we fail, we must get up, dust ourselves off, and keep going.

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3. The correct course of action is the one you design for yourself to reach your personal goal of happiness.

Various people will arrive at multiple conclusions about what brings them the most joy.

We must be willing to construct our path if we want to follow our passions and find the happiness only we can provide.

There is always more than one approach to achieving your objectives. Look for it.

Now Let’s get into the Nitty Gritty

Passive income is the holy grail of business owners.

Passive income generation is difficult, time-consuming, and, for some, even impossible.

Pat Flynn, founder of the Smart Passive Income blog Is a top passive income specialist.

Flynn started SPI in 2008, after he was laid off from his job, and has been openly publishing reports on his adventures with passive income ever since.

Not a get rich quick22 scheme

“Not a get rich quick” scheme

Flynn is not a fan of “get rich quick” schemes or too optimistic claims, even though the term “passive income” may imply otherwise.

He is the first to admit that it is challenging to earn money online and that building a passive revenue stream initially takes significant effort.

About a year passed before his initial foray into e-commerce, he yielded sufficient funds to keep his family afloat.

Although passive income can be defined in numerous ways, according to Flynn, it is:

They are creating virtual enterprises that function without human intervention to accomplish their trade, cash flow, and expansion goals.

You’re in for a real treat if you’re tired of exchanging your time for money.

For the benefit of the Founder community, we had Flynn break down his $167,553.31 in passive income from December 2017 by guiding us through his whole income report.

Pat Flynn’s 10 KEY Lessons from Smart Passive Income

Internet entrepreneur Pat Flynn, who made his name with the blog and podcast Smart Passive Income, is worth over $10 million.

Smart passive income

Superfans by Pat Flynn ...

He has established himself as a go-to resource for online entrepreneurs thanks to the wealth of information he makes available through his different channels.

Here, I’ll go over the top ten things you can take away from Pat Flynn’s success and apply them to your internet ventures.

Pat Flynn has achieved great success due to his commitment to producing high-quality content for his readers.

  1. To him, the key to a successful online business is content creation that genuinely aids its audience.
  2. He has built a devoted fan base that listens to his advice since it has helped them.
  3. He suggests contacting other content creators to collaborate on projects and offer assistance.
  4. Pat stresses the significance of keeping an eye on the big picture and not getting caught up in the day-to-day operations of your business.
  5. Achieving business success requires planning and sticking to that plan.
  6. Be forthright and truthful.
  7. Pat has made a name for himself by always treating his listeners respectfully and honestly.
  8. He thinks being open about his achievements and setbacks strengthens his relationship with his audience.
  9. In his talk, Pat encourages his audience to accept failure as integral to learning.
  10. He opens up about his setbacks and invites listeners to take their experiences and grow from them.
  11. Pat stresses the necessity of offering excellent customer service to your target demographic.
  12. He thinks providing exceptional service to clients can earn you praise from satisfied consumers and spread the word about your business.

The Most Important Thing

Pat thinks the most important thing you can do to grow a successful online business is to start immediately.

He encourages listeners to avoid analytical paralysis by taking “imperfect action.”



Q. Who exactly is this Pat Flynn character?

Founder of the Smart Passive Income Podcast, father of three, husband Co-founder of @switchpod_, and advisor to seven other SaaS businesses.

Author of

Q. Pat Flynn, How did you get your start?

To offer my viewers something regular to anticipate, I started broadcasting live on YouTube at the same time every day. I didn’t expect the amazing network of businesspeople it would spark.

Q. How much does Pat Flynn earn annually?

Forbes estimated Flynn’s wealth to be $4–5 million in 2017. Depending on your statistics, that places him in the top 1% or 0.1%. Business Insider said his fortune will be roughly $6 million in 2020.

Q. Pat Flynn, how much does he make every month?

An entrepreneur, Pat Flynn makes at least $170,000 (or about £140,000) monthly through his online endeavors.

Now he’s trying to assist other people in realizing their entrepreneurial potential by imparting the wisdom he’s gained through his missteps.

Conclusion 9


Finally, Pat Flynn’s success can be traced back to his dedication to producing high-quality content, cultivating meaningful relationships, developing several revenue streams, and expanding his knowledge.

If we take these principles to heart, we may create online enterprises that thrive in the modern Internet age.

Wealthy Affiliate What is the Deal

Now we have a good look at Wealthy Affiliate Kyle Loudon, Caron Lim, and their empire.

Some Questions and Answers to Start with

Who is Kyle Loudoun?

The founders of Wealthy Affiliate are brothers Kyle and Carson Lim.

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Kyle loudoun

While Kyle is the principal trainer and responsible for most of the program’s key lessons and videos, Carson is largely absent.

When did the Wealthy Affiliate begin operations?

Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim

Canadian businessmen Loudoun and Carson Lim were successful affiliate marketers long before they founded Wealthy Affiliate.

After years of success, they launched WA on September 10, 2005.

They had tremendous success and are still growing to this day.

Some Important Facts about Wealthy Affiliate

Signing Up Doesn’t Require a Credit Card

Important facts

This is why I first decided to become a member.

I joined with low hopes, but it was no more trouble than making a free Facebook account, so I had nothing to lose.

Since no initial investment was required with any of the other options I was evaluating, making the decision was simple.

I figured that if Wealthy Affiliate didn’t work out (it didn’t), I could always give the others a shot.

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Free Web Space

Although I did have a website before joining Wealthy Affiliate, I feel a new one would be a better place to begin.

When I realized everything they had to offer, I immediately switched to their premium plan and never bothered with the free plan again.

Huge Network of Friends and Helpers

The community’s encouragement and Kyle’s early one-on-one guidance were crucial to my success.

Having prior experience, I began with several notions (and habits) that proved to be detrimental.

After years of struggling alone, I was surrounded by others who shared my goals and aspirations.

The Introvert Approves

This justification can be atypical.

Successful people in other programs, however, tend to be used to talking in front of large groups, appearing on camera or in podcasts, and actively seeking out new people to reach out to.

That doesn’t mean I think Wealthy Affiliate is “only” good for introverts.

However, its techniques rely on something other than creating sales films, holding webinars, or actively pursuing connections with C-level marketers.

Those things would be great for your company but are optional.

If you choose, you can stick to what you know and do well and gradually expand into new areas as your self-assurance improves.

They offer a Comprehensive Environment.

Everything from hosting your website to teaching you how to use marketing research tools to providing one-on-one assistance is available here.

Putting It On Notice, You’ll notice that I didn’t use the word “easy” There is the effort required, but options range from installing with a single click on a website to training that is more “over the shoulder.”

Everything is broken down into manageable chunks, and the structure is such that a person with no prior knowledge of digital marketing can follow along and build a successful online business.

Before finding Wealthy Affiliate, I was easily duped by marketing jargon and false promises of overnight success.

Most “Make Money Online” courses only provide “one trick pony” training through a narrow sales funnel.

In reality, what is taught in most other schools is only a fraction of what is involved in managing an Internet business.

I’ve looked around at many different options, and Wealthy Affiliate, by far, provides the best education in online marketing.

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One or two people might have such much schooling, but they are uncommon.

There will be no empty promises or wild exaggerations.

Another reason why I endorse Wealthy Affiliate so highly is because of this.

Most individuals fail at generating money online because they need to learn the hidden secret that most make-money-online products and techniques won’t tell you.

It’s a process that takes time and effort.

Some may say that you only need to hook into their “proven” system while insisting that their application requires work.

People are frustrated because they expect to be able to buy a “done-for-you” bundle when they run into trouble.

There Will Be No Extra Fees

Every other product (and I mean “every” other program) uses an upsell sequence to make money online.

No extra fees

You’ll be bombarded with upsells after buying even my other top suggestions.

It’s purely marketing (like stocking the checkout aisle with candy bars), not indicating the program’s quality. However, Wealthy Affiliate has decided to stand out and not do this.

Premium membership upgrades are discounted for free members, although upgrading is not required.

But the most crucial benefit of upgrading to a premium membership is eliminating the need for further purchases.

There are no “VIP Packages,” “Black or Gold Membership Options,” “Topper-Uppers,” or “One-Time Offers” that you need to purchase to gain access to everything.

For just $49 a month, you can enjoy the same benefits as all other Premium members.

Zero Spam Policy

Members who try to advertise their wares on the forum are swiftly told to stop.

Spam policy 2

They risk being kicked out of the club if they don’t stop. In the entrepreneurial hub that is Wealthy Affiliate, business owners may learn, network with other affiliate marketers, and share their expertise with the community.

It’s not a “marketplace,” and a lot of work goes into making it a friendly place where individuals can relax and pick up new skills.

It may be a deal breaker for some people who can’t advertise their items within, but for the rest of us, it’s a welcome respite from all the “try this or that” posts and emails.

Never Stop Getting Better (at the Same Price)

In the past few years, prices have increased from $47 to $49 monthly.

This change was made to differentiate themselves from competing online income opportunities that use the same x7 pricing structure ($37, $67, $97, etc.).

In addition to regular updates to the platform and training, WA now offers free SSL certification for all hosted websites.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a protocol for encrypting data transferred between a web server and a client (from “http” to “https”), which results in increased user confidence and higher search engine rankings.

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Many Wealthy Affiliate members have saved hundreds of dollars annually thanks to Wealthy Affiliate’s integration of Jaaxy, a paid keyword tool, into the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Jaaxy keyword resarch

Furthermore, in April 2018, Wealthy Affiliate had its most significant update, a total system redesign.

It’s a brand-new, state-of-the-art layout that’s easier to use, more scalable, and provides a better experience overall. Once again… this did not result in a price hike.

Dedicated to Offering Free Traffic Education

Unlike competing programs, Wealthy Affiliate teaches its students how to get targeted visitors at no cost.

Many programs don’t tell you what they teach or how you’ll make money since their “proven systems” only work if you pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to advertise their program.

In addition to providing free, in-depth, step-by-step instruction, Wealthy Affiliate also lays out exactly what they teach (and what you will be doing).


Let’s Go on…

I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate, though few people know it. I neither provide a referral link to Wealthy Affiliate nor a link to the website I host there.

I’ll quickly run through the highlights if anyone is considering joining but has yet to decide. So, without further ado, here’s my brief take on Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate: What Is It?

It’s an online resource for learning the ins and outs of affiliate marketing and, more particularly, how to create a website that can be monetized in this way.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to produce a website and then host it.

Added Benefits and Feature-Rich Design

Some of the benefits and features are as follows:

Web hosting, instruction, help desk, and user groups

Gain Access To Your Blog

When you sign up for the Wealthy Affiliate service, you’ll be given your own blog on the site.

The Wealthy Affiliate community can be reached via email and the built-in messaging system.

Excellent customer service is available whenever you need it, and responses to your inquiries are provided promptly.

The course is great for those just starting because it teaches them the fundamentals of WordPress and affiliate marketing.

In addition, Wealthy Affiliate will serve as your website’s host.

You can host unlimited websites, but your monthly traffic will be capped at either 250,000 visits or one million.

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The Negatives

One major drawback is:

Positive & Negative

The cost

To use Wealthy Affiliate’s features, you must upgrade to a paid membership.

As of this writing, a monthly premium membership costs nearly $50. Buying an annual membership will save you the most money.

Besides the initial investment, I need help considering the many significant drawbacks of Wealthy Affiliate.

Although I believe the price is fair, I caution anyone who needs quick cash to join Wealthy Affiliate but is worried they won’t be able to afford the membership fee.

More on the Cost

FREE Initial membership (Sign Up Here)

(No Cancellation Fee or Charged to Your Credit Card)

Premium Membership is $49/month (or $495/year with two months free and other perks).

You can get 59% off to check out all the premium options.

I always pay yearly, which works out the cheapest.

Examining the Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Wealthy Affiliate

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and less than five minutes to ruin it,” Buffett said.

Mishandling the twelfth can ruin twelve good things.

So, let’s cut to the chase:

I’ll be discussing the benefits and drawbacks of Wealthy Affiliate.

Even though they’ve made plenty of mistakes, they have kept their initial concept neat.


Pros & cons
  • Joining will not automatically enroll you in a sales funnel or subject you to constant upsells or spam.
  • You can join for nothing.
  • There is no obligation or cost involved.
  • Before investing time and money, you should determine if starting an online business is right for you.
  • Easy to understand and implement guidelines.
  • The WordPress free-starter plan includes two sites. (I’d like another website where you can receive two free websites set up with a single mouse click.)
  • Group of people.
  • As was previously noted, the Wealthy Affiliate community is unparalleled.
  • Direct access to the proprietors, Kyle and Carson, for assistance.
  • Put in time at your speed.
  • Website hosting and keyword research are included in the premium membership.
  • The use of numerous programs is unnecessary.
  • A secure and spam-free zone.


  • You’ll have to put up some effort to do this.
  • (It’s not particularly tough, but it’s also not a done-for-you type system).
  • Since they educate how to start a business in any field, they cannot provide “ready-made” websites, funnels, or links.
  • However, you will acquire the skills necessary to make such items independently.
  • A work-at-home job can be more appealing than starting a web business if you seek a less demanding option.
  • Initially, I found the UI confusing and cumbersome, but that may just be me.
  • There’s a lot of reading to be done.
  • With Wealthy Affiliate, a weekend is not enough time to learn everything.
  • The community’s “social media” presence must be overseen.
  • Wealthy Affiliate’s community is one of the program’s unique selling points, but it may become a time-sink if you need to be more careful.
  • There is a 7-day limit for LIVE help for new users.



Q. How does Wealthy Affiliate pay you?

WA affiliates receive 22–45% of sales. 40% is average. Each deal has a $ 300 lifetime value. $27,000 each day.

Q. Is it hard to earn money with Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing doesn’t promise riches. Growing an audience and impact takes time and patience. To find your audience’s favorite channel, test them. Promote the best items.

Q. Is Affiliate Marketing Legal in Australia?

Affiliate marketing is legal in Australia.

Affiliate marketing is permissible in Australia, but only if the customer is informed of the business relationship and whether the referrer receives a commission.

Wealthy Affiliate Free Account Now – No Credit Card Required

I hope this article was helpful; If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the space below.

Thank You for spending the time to read my article.

Elke Auther

Till The Next Time



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