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How to do Affiliate Marketing Successfully Now

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Updated on the 29 August 2022

Welcome rainbow pictureHi, I am Elke, and I welcome you to my website.

I’ve worked in affiliate marketing and want to discuss:

How to do Affiliate Marketing Successfully Now

Affiliate marketing for beginners. 

Affiliate marketing can help you monetise your website. 

It gives your blog recurring revenue. 

This affiliate marketing how-to tutorial explains how it works.

Resource: How to build a successful Affiliate Marketing Business Now

Affiliate-marketing commissions

You earn a commission by referring online shoppers.

Affiliates offer CPA or CPL ads to stand out. 

Authorities (i.e., buy the commodity or sign up for a free platform).

Less risky advertisers pay more than Google AdSense. 

Affiliate marketing requires effort. 

Find a user/customer-friendly product or service. 

Create a blog/advertising referral link.

Affiliate marketing, how? 

publicise a companyFirst, publicise a company or product. 

You must choose a blog-related product or service.

Your Merchant choice: 

Join the company’s partner programme. 

 You are Affiliate 

The company uses partners and spouses. 

You’ll get a unique affiliate ID after enrolling. 

All website promotions must use this affiliate ID.

Describe the product and advertise it. 

Descriptions, ads, and newsletters are used to do so.

Your unique ID tracks merchant website traffic. 

If someone buys, you’ll get a commission. 

45-60 days after profits, you’ll get paid. 

Affiliate marketing basics: 

First, make sure your blog platform is affiliate marketing-friendly. 

Wealthy Affiliates membersUsing WordPress.com, for example, limits your linking options. 

Wealthy Affiliates members get Free domain registration, WordPress, and Support. 

Wealthy Affiliate members can build blogs to advertise products/services. 

Self-hosted WordPress.org lets you simply market affiliate programmes. 

Wealthy Affiliates can create your first website.

Next, tell users that your website makes money. 

WA helps you construct a blog privacy policy and Terms of Service agreement page. 

WA will also teach you Affiliate marketing. 

Welealthy Affilaite also has a Affilaite Program.

You can earn a commission promoting the platform.

No Credit Card Needed, Try Wealthy Affiliate for 7 Days. 

You can keep your Free Account, no Questions Ask.

Basic training is included with the Free membership.

Resource: How to do Affiliate Marketing Successfully – Wealthy Affiliate


Cost of productGold, Silver, and Bronze memberships are available. 

Free starter account  

The first month is $19, then $49 each month. 

Premium Plus costs $49 the first month and $99 after that. 

First, preview WA (No Credit Card Needed) 

Step 2: Review Training 

3. Decide if it’s for you. 

Fourth, join if you like what you see and get. 

I joined WA to establish a marketing business. 

These are WordPress blog essentials: 

They prevent legal complications and create customer relationships. 

Affiliate products and services: 

Finding affiliate programmes and items is easy. 

Here’s how to find ads:

1. Promote useful products 

Promote useful products Consider what you already use and appreciate. 

Knowing the pros and drawbacks makes selling easy.

On the product’s website, search for “Partners” or “Affiliates.” 

Companies want affiliates to sell their products/services. 

2. See what bloggers recommend

Comparing blogs may also assist you.  

Many blogs profit from affiliate marketing. 

How do you select the best solution for you?

First, look for banner ads. 

Hovering over the banner ad reveals a status table. 

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3. Affiliate ID

Affiliate IDIt reveals the traffic-generating Affiliate. 

Your blog will sell garments and accessories.

Their content has affiliate links. 

4. Join BAS 

To find stuff and join affiliate networks. 

Affiliate sites connect affiliates with merchants. 

Many partners use an affiliate model.

This helps you quickly recognise website-promotional products.  

What is an Affiliate model?

Amazon and ticket promotional services use the affiliate revenue model. 

Influencers use personalised links to promote companies and boost purchases.

4. Email Firms 

Email letterIf you can’t find a company’s affiliate programme, email them. 

Some affiliate programmes aren’t promoted. 

Their affiliate programme may interest you. 

Retailers and you (firms that want to sell their products).

Merchants promote products/services, measure affiliate traffic, and transfer payments.

The easy-to-use application tracks affiliate campaign effectiveness and earnings.

Popular affiliate networks are listed below. 


An extensive affiliate network with high-paying programmes.

WPEngine handles affiliates with ShareASale. 

WPEngine’s affiliate programme is good. 

Many brokers and commodities are conveniently listed.

Resource: How to build a successful Affiliate Marketing Business A – Z

GoDaddy and Expedia

GoDaddy LogoGoDaddy and Expedia use CJ. 

ClickBank is a massive online marketplace for digital goods. 

User-friendly for beginner affiliate marketers. 

It’s the largest eCommerce site, with hundreds of products. 

Join their affiliate programme and refer existing customers.

Join affiliate programmes? 

  • It should list your products. 
  • Affiliate networks abound. 
  • We use these and more. 
  • Always check the network policy. 
  • Study manufacturer and retailer programme tactics. 
  • This explains your wages, rewards, and motivations. 

Which affiliate programmes are best? 

These affiliate programmes are perfect for beginners and pros.

Explore top channels’ offerings to enhance conversions and earnings.

These affiliate networks offer basic to advanced affiliate programmes.

1. Affiliate marketing tips 

Let's dive deeperLet’s dive deeper into affiliate marketing now that we know the fundamentals.

Promote good products and businesses. 

Affiliate marketers don’t control the products they promote.

Therefore, only recommend reputable products/services. 

To do this, recommend products and services you’ve “used.” 

Contact them if you have a product they’d enjoy. 

Most companies offer free test accounts or replicas.

Resource: How to Effectively Earn Income with Affiliate Marketing

2. Offer helpful information 

WordPress affiliate links. 

But improving relations won’t make people buy your products. 

You must convince clients by providing relevant product/service information. 

Affiliate marketers achieve this by releasing reviews and revaluing videos. 

3. Evaluate the crowd

Answer people's questionsPreferably website visitors. 

Answer people’s questions. 

Your blog will sell garments and accessories.

You must promote expensive things. 

You lose client trust if a recommended product doesn’t work.

4. Affiliate WordPress Plugins 

You’ll promote more as your site grows. 

This complicates managing affiliate links, banners, and advertisements.

Affiliate WordPress plugins are fantastic. 

5. Sanity 

WordPress banner adsAffiliate marketers’ favourite WordPress ad plugin. 

It generates and manages WordPress banner ads. 

AdSanity can be added to WordPress posts, pages, and widgets. 

It manages Google AdSense and banners. 

6. Monsterintents

MonsterInsights for WordPress Google Analytics. 

Your website tracks users’ origins and actions. 

It helps Google Analytics track outbound affiliates. 

This reveals wasted opportunities and popular affiliate links. 

7. Tools? 

WordPress affiliate pluginsSee the top WordPress affiliate plugins. 

This Affiliate Marketing Guide should assist. 

Also, see the WordPress SEO guide. https://tinyurl.com/h7rdwn7k

Tips for beginners and Conclusion 

I’ve prepared tips for selling digital content.

  • Sell via blog. 
  • Don’t do everything alone. 
  • Be curious. 
  • Social media-savvy. 
  • Falsify content. 
  • Relate. 
  • Promote user-friendly products.

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