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Keywords are Critical to SEO Success.

Your material will not rank on search engines if the proper keywords are not used, and you will not be able to reach your target audience.

So, if you need to find the most relevant and profitable keywords for your website or blog, you need the best keyword tools.

This article will look at three of the top keyword tools on the market right now.

We’ll go through their features, price plans, and how they may assist you in finding the best keywords for your content marketing approach.

There is no cost associated with using Keyword Planner that is why I use it in conjugation with Jaaxy.

1. Google Keyword Planner

This free tool from Google allows you to research and analyze keywords for your website and content.

You can also use it to find related keywords and get keyword ideas.

Nevertheless, there is a Caveat

You must have a Google Adwords account to access the Google Keyword Planner.

A Google AdWords account can be created quickly and easily if you haven’t already done so:

Google Ads Account
Follow the steps, enter your and your business’s information, and you’re in.
  • Use the Keyword Planner without a campaign.
  • But you need a Google Adwords campaign.
  • Sign into Google Adwords.
  • Click the wrench symbol in the toolbar at the top.

Then, choose “Keyword Planner”:

Google Keyword Tool
You’ll find the “Find New Keywords” and “Receive Search Volume and Forecasts” options within Keyword Planner.
Google Tools

These two tools create hundreds of SEO-focused keywords.

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This tool targets PPC advertisers.

Many of the tool’s features, such as keyword bidding, must be more beneficial for SEO keyword research.

I’ll now demonstrate how to use Google Keyword Planner’s tools to locate SEO keywords.

Choose Your Tool

GKP has two primary tools.

I’ll teach you how to utilise these two tools to construct multiple SEO keyword lists.

Find New Keywords

This tool finds new keywords, as its name implies.

“Enter products or services closely connected to your business” appears above this tool.

Discouver new Keywords

Note: This information determines the Keyword Planner’s value.

Therefore, be very strategic about entering this sector.

I’ll explain the two primary alternatives to assist you in maximising this tool.

“Start With Keywords”: “Weight loss” or “coffee” describe your business.

This accesses Google’s industry-specific keyword database.

This area allows several keywords. Simply comma each keyword and hit enter.

If you sell cookies online, include “gluten-free desserts” and “low-carb cookies” here.

Discover new keyowrds


Benefits Google Keyword Planner

Obtain keyword suggestions for your products, services, or website.

Show estimated monthly keyword searches. Cost:

See the average keyword search ad cost.

Sort keywords:

Check your keywords’ brand-related categories.

New campaigns: Create new keyword research-based campaigns using your keyword plan.

Keyword Planner can help with keyword targeting.

However, campaign performance depends on several things.

For instance, your bid, budget, product, and industry customers can affect campaign success.

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Discover New Plan Keywords.

Keyword Planner offers two methods for keyword planning:

Click for new keywords.

Upload keywords. Search volume and projections.

New keywords

To find keywords, enter business-related words and websites.

Discover Google Ads manager accounts.

Google Ads login.

Note: If you’re logged in as a manager, choose a managed account to proceed.

Discover Google Ads manager accounts.

Click Keyword Planner under “Planning” in Google AdWords.

Click Keywords.
Two techniques to find new keywords:
Keywords Choose the Right one

Keywords: Type product or service keywords.

Commas and spaces divide phrases.

Google will try to filter keywords unrelated to your domain.

Website: Google will search any site for relevant keywords.

Hyperlinks don’t produce keyword ideas.

Click “Get results” to see similar terms.

Your plan needs to include these keywords.

You can now filter and categorise your list to locate those that fit your goal.

You can use Keywords in Two Ways

Add them to “Saved keywords” to organise and get performance predictions.

Add them to campaign ad groups.

Add keywords and predict their success with these steps:

Add keywords to your plan by checking the boxes.

Save keywords to ‘Saved keywords’ to organise them later.

Click the Campaign/Ad group drop-down menu and select the ad group in the picker to manually organise keywords.

Choose a match type from the Broad-match drop-down.

Enter keywords to build a new plan or add them to an existing plan.

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Search volume and forecasts

Note: If you’re logged in as a manager, choose a managed account to proceed.

Discover Google Ads manager accounts.

Click Keyword Planner under “Planning” in Google AdWords.

Click Search volume and projections.

Type or paste a list of keywords into the search box or upload a CSV file using the methods below:

Click Upload.

Click Choose a computer file. Review keyword upload templates.

Upload keywords: One column titled “Keyword” should be in your file.

Upload the keyword plan: Download the template to add campaign, location, and ad group information to your term.


Click Start.

Discover New Keywords

Discover new Keywords

Click on Discover new keywords. ^
Discover New Keywords
Keyword Results

How do you pick keywords?

There are dozens of variables.

I usually choose keywords using three primary criteria:

Simple. Keywords with more significant average search volumes send more traffic.

Commercial Intent: The higher the competition and suggested bid, the easier it is to convert traffic to paying clients on your website.

Organic SEO Competition: Like commercial intent, organic SEO competition requires additional research.

Look at the first-page websites and estimate how hard it will be to outrank them.

This SEO keyword competitiveness guide explains everything


You can enter up to three keywords and a URL for keyword recommendations.

Some perceive this as a drawback because they could enter more than 3 keywords at a time while looking for ideas, but if you want more accurate data, the algorithms are better fed with less.

Time! Data from 4 years ago can be viewed.

Annual data addicts like myself will appreciate that.


Con: Because words have numerous meanings, keyword searches often yield irrelevant results (false positives), failing to disambiguate unstructured content.

Hearing aids may appear in an AIDS keyword search.

Avoid low-volume terms. Bottom line: Finds business campaign keyword and ad group suggestions.

CON: Google suggests fewer terms. You may have 300 keyword ideas instead of 500.

That’s plenty for an SEO/PPC professional.

You already know most of these “suggestions” don’t pertain to what you’re looking for.

Depending on the customer and keywords, I usually narrow down keyword suggestions to 10, 20, or 100.

CON: Keyword filtering reduced.

Google currently only provides keyword data for phrases or broad matches instead of “precise matches.”

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Q. What are some of the restrictions of using the Google Keyword Planner?

A cap of 700 keywords can be entered into Keyword Ideas.

Q. How to use the Google Keyword Planner efficiently
  • You can narrow your target market and advertising expenditures with simple filtering by focusing on quality keywords rather than quantity, displaying your ads in specific geographic areas, etc.
  • Investigate what other businesses in your industry are spending to help you maximise your resources.
Q. Google Keyword Planner without an ad?

Google Keyword Planner requires a Google Adwords account.

Follow the steps, enter your business’s information, and you’re in.

The Keyword Planner doesn’t require a campaign.

But you need a Google Adwords campaign.

Q. Can I trust the Google Keyword Planner?

When it comes to high-volume keywords, Google Keyword Planner has a strong reputation, but when it comes to low-volume keywords, it could be more reliable.


Creating effective keyword lists and launching a successful pay-per-click campaign can be aided by using the Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool.

Google AdWords’ free keyword planner and bid estimator tools can be invaluable when formulating a marketing strategy.

I like the Awords Keyword Planner tool because it is a Free option and it works well.

Keep tuned for the next Google update!

2. Jaaxy & Wealthy Affiliate

I use Jaaxy for keyword research and SEO strategy.

You can get Jaaxy for Free if you join Wealthy Affiliate.

With Wealthy Affiliate you will learn to set up your own Affiliate Mareting Business.

You get all the tools you need to succeed in one Platform.

No Credit Card is Needed

>> Instant Access <<

Why was Jaaxy Crated?

Affiliate marketers created Jaaxy, the only keyword and research tool for affiliate marketers.

Your firm has several time-consuming manual processes.

Keyword and competition research is now easy!

Jaaxy is the most advanced and valuable platform for a keyword, website, competition, and market research management.

With over 500 million “brand new” search phrases being searched daily, you need a keyword tool that provides precise traffic, competitiveness, and domain insights into billions of keywords. Jaaxy is that tool.

Using the Keyword Research Tool, you can easily find fresh, hot, and untapped phrases to boost your SEO and PPC efforts.

SiteRank, exclusive to Jaaxy, tracks Google, Yahoo, and Bing ranks.

It helps web entrepreneurs gain Google ranks with keyword research.

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Going further…
Go Further

Many companies compete to take advantage of entrepreneurs that don’t know how to get into search engines and charge them WAZOO!

Jaaxy gives keyword, competitor, and ranking potential data to help you decide on an SEO strategy.

Jaaxy is the most fantastic keyword tool today.

It helps SEO and content writers locate relevant, high-traffic keywords.

The tool has several functions and statistics for SEO content optimisation.

It tracks ranks, analyses rivals’ keywords, and provides audience analytics.

Jaaxy helps content writers generate SEO-friendly, high-quality articles that increase website traffic.

The keyword research tool Jaaxy works on Mac and PC. Download no programme.

PRO #1:

You may analyse keywords from the library, coffee shop, office, or anywhere else.

PRO #2:

Jaaxy finds high-traffic, low-competition keywords.

Entrepreneurs and internet marketers that don’t employ internet strategies have problems attracting customers. Entrepreneurs know how to network, where to go, and what to wear offline.

Finding them online takes a lot of work.

Jaaxy is a keyword research tool that shows you what terms your consumers are searching for so you can attract your target audience.

Jaaxy provides affiliate programme statistics for affiliate marketers, so you can see which programmes are relevant to your search.

Strong! Jaaxy exclusively connects to affiliate marketing networks like ShareASale, Commission Junction, and ClickBank to provide statistics on affiliate offerings your target audience (people looking for the keyword) may find relevant.

CONS #1:

Free keyword research tool searches are limited (30 searches).

Some entrepreneurs prefer free searches to save money.

Check this out 11 Tips – How to Find Jaaxy the Best Keyword Research Tool Now

No other Cons:

I am OK with Jaaxy, except you must pay for the premium version unless you join Wealthy Affiliate Premium.

Since discovering Jaaxy, I have used it regularly for keyword research.

Keywords like “social media,” “God,” and “biblical study” helped me optimise previous pieces.

“No surprise my site wasn’t receiving traffic on those articles,” I thought when I saw how many people were competing for those keywords in Jaaxy.

See how many people use “social media”

Jaaxy Keyword Tool

How can my 500-word post compete with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram for that keyword?

See why keyword research tools are crucial?

Jaaxy data has helped me expand my site more strategically by calculating how much traffic each post would get.

I can estimate blog growth by multiplying visitors by article frequency.

My blogging business relies on optimising previous posts and projecting change.

Whom is Jaaxy for?

Jaxxy is a great keyword research tool for anyone sells, promoting, or being found online.

Offline, you need a phone number, address, name, etc. Online business discovery is different.

To be found online, content creators require a keyword research tool like Jaaxy to develop topic-related material.

Jaaxy Tools and Training

Wealthy Affiliate Premium is the most fantastic way to receive Jaaxy Premium and tonnes of internet marketing training.

I signed up for WA premium and took an Internet Marketing certification course that covered keyword research and how to use it to rank online.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a free membership with a 7-day paid trial.

I recommend testing the free account to see whether it fits you.

Jaaxy Support

Kyle and Carson are actual business people.

They treat customers well.

Jaaxy is easy to use. However, their “Help” page offers instructions.

Jaaxys Prices

Jaaxy has free and $49.00/month Pro accounts.

Site Rank, domain, and search restrictions are 30 for the beginner account.

See other differences here:

Jaaxy Pricing

Q: Who uses Jaaxy?

Midsize, Small, Enterprise, Freelance, Nonprofit, and Government users use Jaaxy.

Q: Jaaxy supports what language?

These languages are supported by Jaaxy: English.

Q: What other apps or services interface with Jaaxy?

Jaaxy supports Bing, Google, and Yahoo Search.


Jaaxy is great for choosing to search engine-ranking keywords.

Keyword research can help you sell more or evaluate a company’s idea by determining what people are searching for.

Why not try the free keyword research to gauge the marke

3. Keyword Tool Dominator

The Keyword Tool Dominator provides accurate search volume data from Google AdWords, Bing Ads and Yahoo! Search Marketing so users can decide which keywords to target.
It also has a wide range of advanced features such as keyword suggestions, competitor analysis, keyword difficulty scores, etc.
With this tool, users can easily find the best keywords for their website or blog in no time.

Keyword Tool Dominator Overview

Keyword Tool Dominator finds results-driven keywords for Amazon, Bing, eBay, Etsy, Home Depot, Walmart, and Google.

As an online marketer, Keyword Tool Dominator is crucial.

It helps you find the most searched terms and provides popularity scores and top 10 rankings to choose the best.

This is crucial for optimising your website or online business for exposure and traffic.

Keyword Tool Dominator is essential for keyword research.

Resource: A Beginner’s Guide to SEO Keyword Research 12 Ways

Why Keyword Tool Dominator?

Keyword Tool Dominator

Keyword Tool Dominator must be joined for several reasons.

The primary reasons are access to sophisticated SEO tools, knowing how your competitors target your keywords, and determining which phrases are most profitable.

Sign up for free today to see how beneficial these tools are.

Why should you utilise this excellent tool?

  • Free signup for Free.
  • It offers 9 marketing platform-specific solutions.
  • Top keyword popularity.
  • These technologies excel at finding long-tail keywords.
  • An extensive Google, YouTube, Amazon, Walmart, Bing, and eBay auto complete database.
  • Keyword tool dominator has 215,407 users.
  • You receive infinite relevant keywords for your search terms.
  • Product keyword finder.
  • The Best keyword tool for product listing optimisation, sponsored advertisements, and amazon affiliate marketing
  • You can boost conversions and organic search rankings.
  • Free updates and subscriptions
  • Endless keyword ideas
  • Unlimited live keyword searches
  • Unlimited keyword downloads
  • Assistance
  • Popularity-based keyword ranking
  • Export/download (CSV or Excel)

Keyword tool’s demographic-specific site tools set it apart.

Apart from this function, many better and more complete SEO programmes may serve you better for your money.

Why Keyword Dominator Tool

Content marketers need keyword tools.

This will help you track your competitors, find fresh prospects, and generate niche-dominating content ideas. Keyword Tool Dominator offers several keyword tools for specific needs.

1. Google Keyword Tool

The free Keyword Tool Dominator Google Keyword Tool is a great keyword tool.

It generates hundreds of popular keywords in real-time to find the best SEO keywords.

If you use Google for SEO organic optimisation or Google AdWords paid search results positioning.

Keyword Tool Dominator can discover search engine terms for businesses like yours.

Type a suitable search term or keyword to get Google’s top keywords.

Google Keyword LIst

Keyword Tool Dominates YouTube.

Keyword Tool Dominator’s YouTube Keyword Tool is one of the greatest tools for finding YouTube’s most searched terms.

This is one of the best YouTube keyword research tools for businesses and marketers who use videos to sell their services.

This free tool generates popular YouTube keywords for your channel and videos.

YouTube Keyword Reserach

Keyword Tool Dominator Bing

Keyword Tool Dominator‘s free Bing Keyword Tool finds long-tail keywords from Bing search.

Keyword research tools are plenty, but this one is good for people on a budget.

Marketing requires keyword research.

It helps you understand your audience, assess your keywords’ popularity, and uncover market gaps you can address with a new product or service.

This method can be complicated.

Organising your research with so much information takes a lot of work.

The Keyword Tool, The Bing Keyword Tool, makes this job easy!

Bing Keyword Tool
Keyword Tool Dominator Features:
  • Comprehensive long-tail keyword search
  • Real-time accurate search results
  • Simple, interactive dashboard
  • Free economic tool
  • Low-cost lifetime access
  • Autocomplete more accessible keyword research. Amazon keyword research is cheaper and more accessible.
  • Bing Keyword Tool
  • Etsy Keyword Tool
  • eBay Keyword Tool
  • YouTube Keyword Tool
  • Keyword Planner Amazon
  • Keyword Tool Walmart Keyword Tool

Plans and Prices

Plans and Prices for the Dominator Keyword Tool Next Year, 2023 Free-trial and paid-subscription options are also available.

Price Range: $90.99 to $99.99

The 14-day trial period

Go Pro…

You have to go to the Pro Version for more details other than keyword ideas.

The pro version provides more details than keyword ideas.

The free version includes keyword ideas without Search Volume, Trend, CPC, or Competition.

Pro accounts offer more terrific pieces.

I’m using the free version for keyword ideas and Moz for keyword research.

The tool provides more keyword ideas, and you can use them.

Want to write articles faster than this is for You.

Rytr – The Most Affordable Call to action, Intro, Conclusions and more – Free until you upscale.



Keyword research engine.

It finds long-tail keywords. SEO helps create and grow online businesses in any niche. Unique tool.

It must create 750 ideas. It’s from every search query.

Google, YouTube, and eBay produce millions of views. Use App store Autocomplete.


It produces keyword phrases but only shows Search Volume, Trend, CPC, and Competition in the pro version.

Most keyword research tools offer 30-day free trials; however, does not.


Q. How can I identify speciality and long-tail keywords?

Employ one, two, or three-word seed keywords to find more keywords.

If your topic was “Bitcoin,” especially “mining bitcoin,” use bitcoin as the seed term and see what results come back.

Q. Keyword Tool Dominator customer distribution by company size?

Keyword Tool Dominator’s keyword-research-tools customers include 99 firms with 0–9 employees, 45 companies with 20–49 employees, and 10–19 employees (28 companies).

Q. Keyword Tool Dominator’s top industries?

Keyword Tool Dominator is used by SEO (31), Content Marketing (22), and Digital Marketing (22).

Q. Jaaxy vs. Keyword Tool Dominator in Keyword Research Tools market share?

Jaaxy has 1.96% of the Keyword Research Tools market, while Keyword Tool Dominator has 2.34%.

Keyword Tool Dominator ranks 6th in 6sense’s Market Share Ranking Index for Keyword Research Tools, ahead of Jaaxy.

Q. Which nations use Keyword Tool Dominator and Jaaxy most?

US, India, and UK clients dominate Keyword Tool Dominator.

Jaaxy has more US, UK, and Australian customers.


Ask yourself to what end does a keyword strategy work?

We must remember that keyword research is vital if you want to rank No 1 in Google.

By prioritising the correct keywords, your business website can reach the top of search engine results in pages.

By analysing the monthly search volume and relevancy, keyword research can help you create a list of keywords to optimise for. Don’t ignore search engine optimisation.

Try out Weathy Affiliate

Free Domain Name, WordPress and Support.

Basic Training is Included.

Learn how to build your own online business.

No Credit Card is Needed.

Chance of Earning a Commission.

>> Instant Access <<

I hope my article has helped you.

Elke Robins Author

Till next the Time



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